★★★★★ | November 9, 2019

Dr.Reno fixed my interior wall woes. I attempted to mud, sand, and paint our walls myself and after realizing what an absolute nightmare that is we decided to call a professional. Derek was extremely easy to deal with and answered every question we had. We are so incredibly impressed with the painter who came in, he would update us daily on what he did/was planning to do the next day.

Ashley Cooper

★★★★★ | July 27, 2019

GREAT EXPERIENCE. The Dr. Reno boys did a great job in our house installing kitchen tile and doing some drywall repair etc.... you can tell that the final finish/result is very important to them! They were very respectful of our home during the project and took extra steps to leave things clean during and after the work was completed. While the quote was a little more than some other options, it was worth spending a little extra $$$ with Dr. Reno... after all, you pay for what you get, and that is very evident here!!!

Shon Gamache

★★★★★ | February 9, 2019

Dr Reno took the time to renovate my bathroom properly. They did a fantastic job and were professional the whole job.

John Graham

★★★★★ | January 21, 2019

I was scared to call just because I was afraid the price would have been $$$ judging by the pictures. They came and quoted and WOW he beat the price of all the competition by an easy 20%. My bathroom looks like a million bucks!!

Kevin Wong

★★★★★ | January 19, 2019

Highly recommend Dr. Reno, my drain flooded in my basement. Had it ripped apart in a week. Showed me what i could and couldnt get away with. Had my three bedroom basement back together in less than 3 weeks. Restored better than new with additional plugs and lights. Hung new drywall after replacing contaminated framing . Placed new carpet, replaced my sump pump and my basement doesnt reek like a sewage plant.

Kyle Howard Dennis Lucas

★★★★★ | January 17, 2019

The Dr.Reno team was nothing but amazing they came and beat their timeline at an amazing price. Never had to call to line up different trades it made the change over super simple. I highly recommend their value, price, and quality is 5 star!!

Nadena Chadi

★★★★★ | December 30, 2018

Dr.Reno did excellent work at a reasonable price and fully met our tight timeline. They provided good responsive service in bidding, scheduling and completing the work, even though it was a small job. Dr.Reno was doing the work and they did outstanding work involving all the different skills required including: tiling, drywalling, painting, with a lot of electrical including a panel upgrade from 60 amp to 100 amp including the service. They cleaned up very carefully after taking out the old drywall and tiles. Highly Recommend!!

Catlin Cummings

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